Travelling free

Travelling free

Discounts for getting out and about

With news that national free bus passes for those above the age of 60 but under the state pension age might be scrapped could mean extra travel costs for the older generation.

However, there are a number of other options to help out. For example, if you’re an over-60 living in one of the 33 London Boroughs, you can ride the capitals public transport for free with the 60+ Oyster Card.

Bus passes could be scrapped for the over 60s

Those in Wales and Scotland can also get free travel. The Arriva Club 55 and the ScotRail Club 50 card gives over 60s discounts while Scotland also offers free travel on national bus services and some trains.

This still leaves a few people out if they are under pensionable age but there are many discounts and savings on other methods of travel to help ease the costs of getting around.


Senior Railcards offer over 60s a discount of one third off their rail fares along with a host of other potential savings interlinked with the Railcard.  For example, Tesco Clubcard holders can use their points towards buying a one year Railcard for £15 instead of £30. Anyone can apply for a Senior Railcard up to 14 days before they turn 60, and it can be delivered immediately.

Discounted coach tickets

The National Express Senior Coach Card offers a great way to save a 1/3 on Standard and Fully Flexible fares to hundreds of towns, cities and airports across the UK.

With the card there are no restrictions on-peak and off-peak travel times, so you can travel when it suits you best, including on public holidays, bank holidays and weekends.

Discounted airfares

Older people can get good discounts with airlines

Over 60s can benefit from discounts from a variety of airlines and if you’re going on holiday or a trip away it is worth looking out for what is on offer. Airlines like British Airways have previously offered 25 per cent off its year-round fares to the UK and Europe, while other airlines such as Air France and Delta also offer special discounts for older people.

Discounts for buying a new car

For many over-60s living in rural areas it is essential that you are able to drive a car so that you can remain independent. Even older people with disabilities can still drive as there are specially adapted cars to keep you on the road.

Many older people like to downsize their car as well as their home and when it comes to their vehicle there are lots of things you can do to make it more affordable.

If buying a used car look at those which have been on sale for a while. 

Those around 3-5 years old are usually in good shape and reliable but if someone wants to sell quickly you could grab a bargain.

Used cars offer good bargains

Save fuel

It is worth remembering that low engine power means less fuel. If you are going to drive short journeys then a small engine is more economical, as is a manual car over automatic. The insurance is also likely to be less than a larger vehicle.

Another option for over 60s looking to change to a new car in older age is to hire or lease. One of the benefits is paying monthly, avoiding the need to eat into savings. Maintenance packages mean that all the servicing, tyres and MOTs are included in the monthly fee.


Walking has so many benefits for older people. It can improve health and wellbeing and can also help when it comes to living independently for longer.

Known for strengthening muscles, keeping weight steady and lowering risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes, walking is a power exercise for the over 60s.

Because walking also strengthens bones it is thought just ten minutes a day could have the number of people over 45 who fracture their hip and keep people active in their own homes.

The activity also increases confidence and moot, can be a great way to socialise and – best of all – it’s free!