The open road

Holidays at home

Life on the open road

It’s that time of year when millions of people take to the roads and set off for a trip away from home, planning to call a tent, campervan or caravan home for a week or two.

Caravanning is an increasingly popular option for people holidaying in this country. There are over 555,000 caravans in use in the UK – and more than 2 million people take holidays in caravans and motorhomes every year.

It is thought that over 65 million nights are spent camping and caravanning in Great Britain – and it has become more popular recently as the pandemic encouraged us to holiday at home – and the cost of living crisis means people are seeking less expensive leisure opportunities.

Good food on the go

Wherever you’re planning to escape to and in whatever accommodation, one area to think about planning is all your food. It makes sense to have something you can rustle up quickly so you can spend more time with friends and family, absorbing nature and making the most of the outdoors.

We know that campsite and caravan cooking can be limited in terms of utensils, which makes long life ready meals the perfect option to pack for your trip away. Simple but delicious they’ll keep everyone happy.

Parsley Box ready meals are a great option when it comes to deciding what food to pack, nutritious and delicious, whilst only taking a few minutes to prepare.

After the effort of travelling and pitching a tent or caravan, what better than knowing you have a first meal ready that just needs heating up quickly in a microwave. Even if you don’t have your own to hand, many campsites provide them in the general areas – so you can pop in some meals of your choice and take them back to your quarters in a few minutes.

Unlike the unpredictable British weather, you can rely on Parsley Box cupboard-stored, ready-to-eat meals to fuel you through your trip away. Ready in minutes, they don’t need to be kept in a fridge or freezer so make the perfect food for when you’re out and about.

Fresh from the store cupboard

Our meals are cooked in vacuum pack trays using a steam heating process similar to home pressure cooking. This locks in the aromas and flavours of the ingredients while ensuring the food can be safely stored in a cupboard for up to six months without spoiling.

This makes them ideal for stocking up for regular trips, then you know you will always have something to fall back on when cooking from scratch or building a fire isn’t an option.

Vegetarian cottage pie is a great meat-free option for all occasions

For those who enjoy the benefits of a regular campfire, it can mean a diet heavy on meat. This is where having some meat-free options close to hand can help balance the diet.  Parsley Box meals include hearty Vegetarian Cottage Pie or Vegetable and Lentil Hotpot which could be just the ticket for those who want something different to the rest of the group.

And if you want a cooked breakfast but want to get out and about early in the day without having to worry about preparation and the washing up, Parsley Box does a great All Day Breakfast including two British pork sausages served with button mushrooms and smoky beans.  What better way to start the day?

Something sweet?

During the process of setting up camp or sitting around in quieter moments, there could also be a call for some sweet treats. Some cakes and biscuits travel better than others and Parsley Box Toffee Walnut, Lemon, Bakewell and Spiced Ginger Loaf Cakes make ideal travelling partners – alongside the All Butter Shortbread Fingers, Millionaire’s Shortcake and Caramel Tiffin.

Discover the outdoors

Camping and caravanning is a brilliant way to explore the Great British outdoors and enjoy nature at its best.  If you’ve not tried either here are some tips for catering for your first trip:

  • Pack just the amount you need for the trip and leave the rest at home to reduce carrying weight and food wastage
  • Try to avoid packing too many heavier food items such as tinned foods if you have to carry them a significant distance
  • Try to make the majority of your food items that won’t perish quickly, as fresh foods can be tricky or a hassle to keep cool
  • Ensure you have an adequate supply of food and drink as it may be difficult to purchase items quickly if you run out
  • Always cook outside your accommodation, far away from anything that could catch alight
  • Don’t store gas stoves or barbecues in your accommodation as there is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Plan meals in advance so you know exactly what to bring and don’t waste food
  • It’s a good idea to have some easy-meal options when you’re too tired or hungry to get involved in lots of preparation.

If you’re planning a caravan or camping trip, why not stock up on ready meals now? Click below to see our full menu.