RHS Chelsea Flower Show: That’s a wrap

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

That's a wrap

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Well the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is over. What an incredible time it was.

Our Co-founder Adrienne MacAulay first had the idea of Parsley Box participating in the 2021 Chelsea Flower Show in February of this year, not really knowing at that point whether or not the show would even go ahead.

We came to the party a little bit late to say the least as most Chelsea gardens are 18 months in the making from conception to build. Our chances of participating were in doubt at the start as our original designer pulled out just days before the RHS proposal deadline.

At the eleventh hour we were introduced to Alan William of Form Plants, a designer experienced with previously producing work for RHS Hampton Court.

We instantly clicked, pulled an award-winning team together at breakneck speed and the rest, as they say, is history.  Just like us as sponsor, Alan was a Chelsea-first timer and hungry for success at the world’s most prestigious flower show. 

Alan Williams designer of The Parsley Box Garden

Our joint vision for The Parsley Box Garden was to create a modern kitchen garden overflowing with edible herbs, fruits and vegetables – the kind of thing you could pluck straight from the garden and incorporate into a meal or add to a pickling or preserving jar.

We wanted to include a dining space in the garden as well to highlight the feelings of community and socialisation – something that all of us were denied for so long during the Covid pandemic. Our garden was to be a celebration of good food and good company, a space for family, friends and people of all ages to enjoy time together.

Valerie Pain and Tara Pain at The Parsley Box Garden

We came to learn that a key part of any garden exhibition at Chelsea Flower Show is the photo shoot for the press.

This image helps to determine how much exposure and coverage the garden will earn and we wanted to us this opportunity to highlight the beauty in ageing.

Our research shows that people in the over 60s demographic feel largely ignored or misrepresented in the media.

At Parsley Box one of our aims is to smash stereotypical views of ageing. By having two models of different ages (who happen to be mother and daughter) dressed identically, it was our aim to show that both are equally beautiful and equally able to pull off style and fashion.

Our striking portrayal of ageing certainly seemed to resonate with the press with our models being photographed with famous faces galore at the show, appearing in press coverage everywhere from the BBC to the Daily Mail and ultimately gracing the FRONT PAGE of The Times the following day.

RHS Chelsea flower show garden designed by Alan Williams for Parsley Box with Landform consultants Ltd, Chelsea 2021 UK

In the non-stop hubbub that is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the day after Press Day is Medals Day. The Parsley Box Garden was awarded a silver medal by the RHS judges, a truly fantastic achievement for our designer’s Chelsea debut.

As well as a show medal, the other award that our garden had the opportunity to win was the People’s Choice Award for Sanctuary/Artisan Garden. We called upon our wonderful customers to vote for our garden and they came through!

To our great pride and delight The Parsley Box Garden was awarded the coveted RHS People’s Choice Award for Sanctuary/Artisan Garden. The cherry on top of our fairytale week at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Download our RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant List

To have produced an award winning garden with a preparation period of only five months was a powerful testament to the can-do attitude of our company, Alan, and the members of our Chelsea team.

At the very heart of our purpose and the driving force behind the project was bringing joy to our loyal customers. At Parsley Box we have never been afraid to push the envelope and punch above our weight and the time we had at RHS Chelsea is a wonderful demonstration of what can be accomplished when you’re on a mission to change perceptions and reshape outdated views.