Retro recipes: Don’t forget your reconstituted egg

Retro recipes

Don't forget your reconstituted egg

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Our friends at family history website Find my past have sourced a selection of vintage recipes from their historical newspaper collection.

What do you think of these retro recipes? Would you be game to give them a go?

Jam Shortcake


retro recipes

Did you know?

Reconstituted or ‘powdered’ eggs were used as a result of rationing in the United Kingdom during the time of World War II. When kept sealed and stored in a cool, storage environment, powdered eggs have a shelf life of 5 to 10 years.

Strawberry Crisp


Christmas Pudding


Did you know?

Dr Barnardo’s Homes (the former name of children’s charity Barnardo’s) was founded by Dr Thomas John Barnardo in 1866.

Dr Barnardo had a policy of never turning a child in need away from his homes. He accepted all children, regardless of race, disability or circumstance.

One of the charity’s biggest supporters was the late Princess Diana, who was President of Barnardo’s from 1984 to 1996. Her caring approach to supporting vulnerable children and young people was reflected in the work brought about by Barnardo’s.

Barnardo believed that every child deserved the best possible start in life, whatever their background and despite its past controversies, this philosophy still guides the charity today.

Have you got any vintage recipes that have been passed down in your family?

We’d love to hear about them.