Parsley Box Personality George says…

George says... busy

Being busy and getting out and about is key to an active and happy older age according to our latest Parsley Box Personality, Alfred ‘George’ Clarke.

‘I’m very fortunate to be fit and healthy and enjoying life,’ said the 91 year old. ‘My minor problems are deafness and an issue with my right eye requiring me to go to Moorfields every six weeks for an injection.’

George, from Chingford in Essex, added that he doesn’t let much get in his way of having fun and he makes the most of what life offers him.

‘I am a doer who has to keep busy and be out and about. I go to central London a lot from my local station to Liverpool Street using my freedom pass,’ he said.

Out and about in London

Once in the capital, he visits many places and takes part in plenty of activities –  museums, galleries, exhibitions, all the parks, the South Bank, Covent Garden, Little Venice, Kings Cross and Westfield.

George has a partner, seven years his junior.  They choose to live separately so while they can do things together as she only lives a few miles away, they can also pursue their own interests and friends.

He also has two children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren living locally and he enjoys getting time to spend with them – when he’s not committed to his voluntary work.

George loves visiting Covent Garden, using his Freedom Pass to get out and about

I’ve been a volunteer for a large range of organisations for more than 70 years. Most recent are seven U3As, ‘ said George who also organises walking groups, nature study, lunch groups and outings including theatre trips.

‘I still like to lead the walking groups and arrange lunch clubs for older people,’ he added.

One of George’s passions is the countryside – which he says stems from being born in a farm labourer’s thatched cottage in Hertfordshire.

I know I’m lucky

Alfred george clarke

‘It had no gas, electricity or running water but oil lamps, coal fires and a water well in the front garden.’

He now looks forward to his walks around London and just recently spent a morning taking in  Kensington Gardens, walking by the Italian Fountains, the Long Water and the Serpentine.

‘I do know I’m lucky to have only minor health issues,’ he said and added that he is looking forward to his 92nd birthday in June.

‘Just keep going,’ he said when it comes to the secrets of a successful later life. ‘And keep busy.’