Parsley Box Partnership

Free online events

Exciting activities for our customers

Learning new things and making new connections is important at any age – but we can’t always find the time or energy to go out and about to do everything we want to.

Our customers know this more than anyone – which is why they choose Parsley Box meals so they can free up time to do more of the things they love.  Shopping for and preparing meals can be very time-consuming and therefore our  easy but delicious meal delivery service is a life-saver for many.

It is also why Parsley Box has teamed up with Mirthy at:   – to bring you a comprehensive programme of activities, designed to bring likeminded people together to share interests and experiences, at home and around the world. We know our customers enjoy making time for events and these are hand-picked just for you.  You don’t even have to sign up with Mirthy – just go straight through the link, which is also at the bottom of this article.

Free membership

The events are held online and free membership offers you four different events per month -without you having to leave your house.  You get the chance to meet others who are taking part in the activities – meaning this is a great opportunity for socialising.

Parsley Box will be sponsoring all the Health and Wellbeing and Cooking and Baking events for the near future and these can include Laughter Yoga, Meditation and Gardening, Cooking and Food and Drink classes – among many other choices.

Mirth means joy and laughter and the essence of the partnership is to bring fun and activity to our customers. Mirthy embodies that goal and we are delighted to work with them as a tried and tested source of events targeted at the 60-plus age group. With more than 45,000 members, they know what active seniors like to do!

Our customers have been telling us about the massive variety of activities and hobbies they enjoy and so we wanted to celebrate that by finding new opportunities – particularly for those who might not have them close to hand or who just want to try something new.

Learning to laugh

The first event we sponsored was, appropriately, Laughter Yoga which is run by leading yoga teacher, Sylvia, who helps bring a Monday morning boost by offering a combination of laughter with breathing and stretching exercises.

The 30 minute class is designed to release feel-good hormones that uplift your mood and help to combat stress and even pain. These will be a regular feature and is open to all.


Weekly mindfulness sessions can offer an opportunity to start your day from a place of balance, calm & clarity, by providing half an hour of precious ‘you’ time.

According to experts, mindfulness isn’t something we cognitively understand – it’s something we know by doing. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or it’s something you’d like to try, this event could be for you.

How about gardening?

Gardening is known to bring all kinds of benefits, from physical exercise to mental stimulation and is very much part of the Parsley Box events calendar.

Whether you want to investigate a Passion for Pumpkins – looking in depth at how to use these vegetables – or want to learn more about Soil, Weeds or No-Dig Gardening then you are likely to find something of interest in this series of events.Not only do you get to enjoy learning new things but you can start a whole new social life as the events are inclusive and allow you to connect with others.

You are able to attend all our health & wellbeing sessions, cooking & baking demonstrations, and various educational and entertaining talks free of charge. The links to the live events will be shared by us at Parsley Box  through our Facebook page, newsletters and email –  and there is no need for you to register for an account with Mirthy.

Mirthy offers a 7 day replay on their events and have around 80 events per month to choose from, so if you do want more flexibility with what you take part in, you can register for a free account at where you can book 4 free events of your choice per month.

How does it work?

The events take place on Zoom over the internet on your computer, so it is easy to use and meet other people.

You don’t need to register with Mirthy as all links are available for free access through a link to our events calendar here: