Parsley Box appoints first ever ‘Kindness Caller’

Parsley Box appoints first ever ‘Kindness Caller’

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Parsley Box has appointed its first ever ‘Kindness Caller’ who will phone up customers just for a chat.

Every Friday, our Customer Service Agent, Chelsea in her new role as Kindness Caller, will call some of our customers for no other reason than to see how they are doing, share a conversation and spread a little kindness.

We caught up with Chelsea to see how she is enjoying her new role.

Why do you think you were picked for this role?

I just love a blether – I am officially the chatter box of the office. I think it is important to promote kindness and care. I enjoy seizing the opportunity to remind people there is good in the world and that it costs nothing to be kind.

Especially through such a restrictive period for us all with all the limitations being imposed lately – it’s good to remember we are all in this together.




to talk in a long-winded way without making very much sense.

eg. “there’s plenty of stuff I could blether about today”

What do you enjoy most about making the calls?

I enjoy getting to know our lovely customers on a personal level and building a connection with them. I love hearing about the places they have stayed and the adventurous lives they live.

It’s truly touching for me and I have made some great friends. There have been happy tears, sad tears, poetry, laughter, and even some singing!

Chelsea, Parsley Box Kindness Caller

Whilst some of our customer calls are picked at random, our Customer Service Agents can also nominate individuals they have spoken to throughout the week to be put on the Kindness Call list.

Donating 10,000 minutes of our time

The decision to appoint a Kindness Caller was made after the success of our February 2021 campaign in celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week.

To show our support to this wonderful cause, Parsley Box pledged to donate 10,000 minutes to chat with our customers.

An annual tradition created by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, Random Acts of Kindness Week seeks to promote the ability to connect with others through the simple act of being kind.

Make Kindness the Norm

One of the themes of this campaign was to ‘make kindness the norm’. A simple yet powerful philosophy.

By the end of the week, we had over-delivered on our pledge, spending 11,250 minutes of our time, making 867 calls.

We shared in some truly heart-warming conversations and the laughter was certainly abundant within the Parsley Box call centre.

The Four Hour Call

Numerous highlights were reported from our week spent chatting.

One of our favourites was from our Customer Service Agent Marina, who spent just shy of 4 hours (3 hours, 49 minutes and 33 seconds to be exact) chatting ‘about everything and nothing’ with a lovely gentleman from Cheshire.

He revealed that he had only spoken to his family for most of the last year and really appreciated having someone new to have a good old natter with.

Pass It On

The true spirit of kindness was perfectly summed up during our chat with Mr Edward Rimmel in Solihull. 

He recited to us, from memory, a poem by Henry Burton that had hung in his doctor’s office over 60 years before and had stayed with him throughout his life.

A poem about kindness

The sentiment of this poem captures everything we set out to achieve in our campaign as well as underpinning the decision to appoint a Kindness Caller and make our phone calls a regular occurrence. 

Kindness doesn’t stop and start. Parsley Box doesn’t want to spread kindness for just one week out of the year. Kindness should be ever flowing, continuously passed along from one to the next.

Did you know we have a gallery of poetry our customers’ have written and sent in to us?

Take a look.

The Feeling is Mutual

Many of our customers that we have had the pleasure to chat to have been keen to let us know that our call, out of the blue and just for a chat, had made their day. 

The reality is, the feeling is entirely mutual. 

Chatting away with our customers, sharing in their memories, stories, and philosophies is a poignant reminder of the true purpose at the heart of Parsley Box. We want to create a community and truly connect with all of the wonderful people who take our meals into their homes, and sit down to dinner with us every day. 

And if we can spread a little kindness whilst we are doing so, then so much more the better.

Do you think you or someone you know might want to receive one of our Kindness Calls?

Get in touch with us using the button below and we can pop you on our list.