Give a gift

Online gifting

Easy and convenient

When it comes to buying presents for a birthday or other special occasion, instead of roaming around here and there you can now buy a wide range from our specially-selected gift range.

There are many benefits of buying online, not least the convenience – you can choose what you want to buy at any time of the day or night and regardless of where you are.

Online shopping also means you will be offered a range of different ideas for people with different interests, without having to spent time going from shop to shop – or feeling pressured into buying something you don’t really want. It’s also great if you forgot to find the right gift for your loved ones. Simply have a look through our selection of different gifts and soon it will be delivered to their doorstep.


You can shop from the comfort of your home and you don’t have to wait in queues or deal with parking, searching for the right gift or walking around for hours trying to find what you’re looking for.

Get yourself a cuppa, log in and within a few clicks you can send a present to anyone, anywhere. This method also saves loads of time as you just browse what you want, pay and you are good to go.

Variety and choice

With Parsley Box online gift-hunting, you can find everything you need from chocolates to wines to gardening , coastal, historic and children’s gifts all on the same screen

Free delivery

Spend over £35 with Parsley Box and delivery of your gift is free!  You don’t have to wait until you see the recipient as postage is handled for you in just a few clicks. This is particularly useful if you are buying for someone who doesn’t live close to you, or you don’t see regularly.

Embrace online

Don’t be stuck in the old ways of buying and sending gifts. Embrace the new online way and benefit from saving lots of time and effort. Click the link below to find out more.