Latest fashion trends: Ladies styles for summer 2022

Latest fashion trends

Ladies styles for summer 2022

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Make a statement in the latest style swear by’s

In the spirit of being positive and believing that the sun will have its hat on this summer, it’s time to ditch the jogging bottoms and make a statement in some on-trend summery, fashion looks for this year.

Fashion is for everyone and should be a fun, natural expression of your personality.

We want to celebrate the gradual reintroduction of socialising outside with our friends and family with our six latest trend picks for the season.

1. Striking in sheer  

First up, a style that mirrors exactly how we are all feeling now that restrictions are easing and travel is starting to open back up: free, easy and relaxed.

These beautiful floaty, sheer garments are taking the catwalk world by storm this season and have been featured in the collections of big-name designers such as Chanel, Christian Dior, and Johanna Ortiz.

Pair it with a wide brimmed hat in the sunshine, as instragrammer msorrig can be seen doing above, and you get a very Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia, living her best life on a Greek island kind of vibe.

These billowing garments emphasise fluidity, comfort and a carefree attitude, available in a wide variety of colours and just perfect for the summer months.

2. Wide leg for the win

It’s official, skinny trousers are out. This summer is all about the comfort and style afforded by a wide leg. We can practically hear the resounding cheers.

Pair the wide leg trouser with an easy fitting, loose blouse for a look of casual business chic.


Don’t be afraid to explore print.

A printed trouser with a plain top or vice versa can make for a wonderfully eye-catching summer ensemble.

3. Parade in parallel

Stripes just never go out of style. And there is nothing better than a vertical stripe as it gives the body a tall, svelte appearance.

This season is no exception to the allure of the stripe with designers such as Christopher Kane and Kenneth Ize showcasing this timeless trend.

Striped garments can work well as a statement piece, paired with a plain top or trouser to highlight their parallel pattern.

Experiment with off-setting bright colours with crisp, cool white to highlight that stripey, summery vibe.

4. Openwork opulence

Now this is a trend we are excited about. Adding a bit of wide knit to your wardrobe for an effortless layer effect. Just look at instagrammer msorrig below rocking that exquisite open-knit shawl! A thrifted wonder and oh so on-trend for 2021.

Now we know what you’re thinking; “knit? for summer?” But fear not, this airy and breathable fashion trend will not overwhelm you.

Open-weave knit works great as an extra layer in the evening to stave off that nip in the air as the sun sets on you and your friends enjoying an outdoor cocktail. Or two.

5. Dot about in cut out

Elegant, tasteful cut outs have been appearing on the catwalks all year, notably in the collections by designers Miu Miu and Carolina Herrara.

A slight hint of bareness can add a tantalizing sense of allure, whilst also creating summery breathability in even the most conservative of pieces.

And as showcased by instagrammer venswifestyle above, trendy cutouts do not necessarily need to expose bare skin. Pair a loose cut out over layer with a thin vest top to capitalize on effortless style and breathability without sacrificing any modesty.

6. The effortless effect: disco edition

Our final pick for summer trends is a bit of a fun one. 

Considering we had to spend the majority of the last year at home in our comfies (or pyjamas), the disco trend aims to be 2020 fashion’s ultimate antithesis.

This style is pure celebration. It is a physical rejoicing of our being able to dress up once again, to have places to go and for our fashion style to be seen.

You can opt for the more (comparatively) understated option demonstrated by msorrig above left, pairing a simple thin sweater with some serious statement trousers. Or if you are feeling bold, why not take a leaf out of instagramer park_wien’s style book and embrace all out disco!

I mean if you’ve got the right occasion for such an ensemble, why not? Doesn’t she look fabulous. 

Fashion should be fun for people of every age. And there’s nothing quite like stepping out of the house with that new outfit feeling.

What do you think of our style picks?

Which of these summer fashion trends will you be trying out?

Be sure to @parsleybox in your #OOTD (outfit of the day) posts on social media. We can’t wait to see your effortless chic.