Keep it in the family

Family ties

Keeping connected

Do you remember the days when we got letters in the post rather than through a computer?

Would you like to recreate that excitement by sending people you love special messages – printed on paper?

If so, Famileo could be the answer.  Although it still uses some technology as it works through an app, it allows members to put together photos and messages which are then formatted into a personalised newspaper that is posted out to a relative weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – whatever suits you.

Old school news

Each newspaper, or gazette, includes as many as 30 messages and can be delivered around the world. The idea is to help families, no matter where they live, stay in touch with each other.

Since it was launched in France in 2015, Famileo has become a household name with around 1m family users and it regularly tops lists of the most popular Christmas presents for grandparents. And now it is available in the UK.

The combination of technology and old-school print help to provide family news the way each generation likes it.

If you know someone in the family who still reads an actual paper or magazine, or who loves getting the photo album out whenever they can, then maybe Famileo is for them.

How it works

Family members share news and photos as and when they can on their private ‘family wall’ of the Famileo app (the way they undoubtedly do already if they’re in a Whatsapp group).

That’s it. Famileo does the rest, by once a month – or more regularly if you choose – automatically formatting and printing these messages into a colour gazette that is posted to your loved one.

This method provides an easy way to stay in touch – particularly with those who aren’t comfortable with technology or don’t always want to use it.   As it works on an app, younger generations are happy to work with it and share more with those who are offline – who naturally appreciate the contact.

A monthly subscription for the whole family is £5.99 and can be cancelled at any time. If you want to share more news the subscription can be twice a month for £9.99 or even once a week if you have lots of news to share.

Discount for ParsleyClub members

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