Introducing the Parsley Box Fridge: The latest in automated, cashless vending technology

Introducing the Parsley Box Fridge

The latest in automated, cashless vending technology

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Look what’s arrived at Parsley Box HQ this week!

The brand new Parsley Box automated, cashless vending machine. The height of vending technology, we think this fridge, perfect to house our new chilled range, would make a great addition to camp grounds, caravan parks, retirement villages and assisted living residences throughout the UK.

Just download the app on your smart phone or tablet, load money onto your account using your credit or debit card and then scan the fridge’s unique QR code to access the Parsley Box meals inside.

Parsley Box on the go!

What do you think of this new technology?

Are you excited to see Parsley Box become more widely accessible?