Gin is good for you – it’s official

Gin is good for you!

Enjoy your tipple with our tasty tips

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Gin and tonic is good for you – it’s official!

Did you know – back in the 1800s, the quinine in tonic water was used as an effective treatment against malaria and so British soldiers stationed overseas were instructed to drink tonic water by the bucketload.

To liven up the taste (and the party), gin was added followed swiftly by citrus and the nation’s favourite after-work beverage was born.

There truly is nothing so refreshing as a cheeky G+T with your friends.

And luckily for you Parsley Box sell it in pre-mixed cans so all you need is a glass and a generous amount of ice for you to be ‘sippin’ pretty’.

But if there is one drink that benefits from diverse garnish – it’s a good old gin and tonic.

Read on for some simple ways to elevate this humble drink, impress your friends and enjoy a delicious and refreshing taste sensation this Gin-uary.

Experiment with citrus

Now we all know citrus and gin go hand in hand. Indeed citrus and most spirits will pair together nicely.

Instead of lemon or lime, try blood orange for a sweeter and more robust citrus flavour or grapefruit for a bitter, refreshing zing, enhanced by the bitter quinine of tonic.

A combo to try:

Pair your grapefruit slice with a generous helping of fennel and some cracked black pepper for a bitter, herbaceous and earthy flavour.

The heat of the pepper combined with the tartness of the grapefruit make for a unique hot-and-cold experience.

Berry, berry nice

Gin and berries are another tried and true garnish combination. Whilst summer berries pair particularly nicely with the raspberry-infused pink gin and tonic (also sold in pre-mixed cans by Parsley Box) don’t be afraid to experiment with regular old gin as well!

Strawberries, blackberries, watermelon and cucumbers (technically both berries!) all elegantly complement gin’s rich flavour profiles and tonic’s rejuvenating zing.

A combo to try:

Blackberry and cucumber. This perfect marriage of sweet and cool lifts the tastes of the gin to new levels. To create this combo, throw a few blackberries into the empty glass first and mash them up with a fork or similar blunt utensil.

This mashing (or “muddling” as it’s known in the bartending biz) allows the berries to release their flavour and spread their juices throughout the beverage.

Add your gin and tonic, a generous helping of ice and garnish on top with a few extra whole blackberries and some thick, diagonally cut slices of cucumber for the ultimate wow-factor.

Get herby

If you’ve ever thought about starting a herb garden, here’s another reason to go for it – herbs make fantastic garnish for a gin and tonic.

From basil, to coriander, rosemary and the already mentioned fennel, herbs add deep and complex flavour profiles to the humble G+T, transforming it to new and exciting levels of sophistication.

Most herbs will pair effectively with citrus (lemon and rosemary, grapefruit and fennel) so get out there and start experimenting!

A combo to try:

One of our favourite flavour combinations for the adventurous among you is chili, lime and coriander.

Season your gin and tonic with a generous squeeze of lime juice and small sprigs of coriander before adding a lime wedge on top and dusting with chili flakes or thinly sliced chili pepper to taste.

The chili will infuse your gin and tonic and give it an extra kick, just what you need to get you through the evening.

Top tip

Add cracked black pepper to take your spicy beverage to the next level.

Fruit salad anyone?

Our final recommendation to pimp your gin and tonic is the addition of stone fruit.

Peaches, plums, mangos and even olives have exceptionally vibrant colours and strong flavours that harmonise perfectly with the cool, bitter zing of a gin and tonic.

They also have the added benefit of giving you a delicious, alcohol infused snack to munch on after you have finished your drink!

A combo to try:

One of our favourite stone fruit garnishes for a gin and tonic is sliced peach, accompanied by lime wedges and a sprig of rosemary. It not only looks fantastic but it tastes summery and refreshing too.

Just like a cocktail abroad! Be sure to add a generous squeeze of lime juice into the mix to provide a  much needed balance to the intense sweetness of the peach slices.

Well now you’ve heard our picks, we’d love to hear yours.

Do you have a go-to garnish for an at home gin and tonic? Maybe it’s something a little out of the ordinary?

We firmly encourage continuous experimentation with flavour and we love hearing about it.