Get out and about

Get out and about...

By staying in

It’s great to get out and about or join in with friends for a range of activities – but it isn’t always straightforward leaving the house to do so.

Whether time constrained or there are issues with transport or mobility, many find themselves home alone for long periods of time – despite wanting the chance to meet up with others and share some interests.

Others would just like to do more but their preferred activities aren’t available locally, or they don’t want to commit to weeks of classes.

Thanks to Parsley Box’s partnership with, customers can now access a whole host of online events.

Each can be accessed through your computer – no need for any fancy apps or technology, just click in and join like-minded people to learn new things, take part in classes or just to share lunch or a crossword while having a chat.

Parsley Box sponsors a number of the events on the site including a weekly lunch club where people get together online rather than eating alone. This is a great chance to pop a Parsley Box meal in the microwave ready to eat while keeping some good company.

There are over 100 online events per month to try, with activities including insightful talks and lectures, writing workshops, fitness classes, a monthly book club, cooking demonstrations, creative workshops and more! Fancy a singing lesson?  Yoga? Or maybe take part in a cooking demonstration, history class or even some belly dancing? could be just what you’re looking for…

Even belly dancing can be learned online with

A few of Mirthy’s most popular recent events include a virtual walk from St Paul’s to London Bridge, a talk about travelling in Tasmania and a series on women writers who changed the course of English Literature, along with their variety of different Pilates classes so people of all abilities can join in!

As a customer you can access up to four events every month free of charge – just visit and you will be able to choose what suits you.

Club benefits

Should you decide to join the ParsleyClub then one of the benefits is Premium membership of Mirthy which is usually  £4.99 per month and allows unlimited access to all events at any time.

Joining ParsleyClub costs just £14.95 per year and includes a range of other perks including named day delivery, a £10 birthday gift and priority tasting sessions.   Click below for more information.