Food for thought: We want your help with our new campaign

Food for thought

We want your help with our new campaign

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We want you

Parsley Box Head of Product Cassandra Suddes and her team have developed an exciting new campaign called Food for thought.

This campaign encourages both our customers and our staff to give their feedback on our menu offerings and our ready meals themselves.

Parsley Box is in the unique position of being a direct-to-customer business which allows us to be able to receive immediate feedback straight from you, our customers.

And we hugely value this feedback. We want to create and develop meals that you want to eat.

We want this campaign to demonstrate that your input is important to us and it does get listened to. 

Cassandra also has the plan to develop a special panel of customers around the UK that she can go and meet in person, sit down and have a cup of tea with and hear all your opinions about Parsley Box and suggestions for meals you’d like to see on our menu.

Cassandra Suddes

Covid restraints have temporarily stalled this plan for the moment but it is something Cassandra and the wider team at Parsley Box are very keen to undertake as soon as it is possible and safe to do so.

food for thought logo

In the meantime, we have set up a Food for thought campaign email address where you can directly message Cassandra and our product development team with your feedback about our menu and any suggestions for dishes you would like to see.

Thought the Beef Stew was fantastic? Weren’t so keen on the Chicken Korma? Would love to see a Duck a l’Orange on the menu?

Whatever you’ve got to say, we want to hear it.