90-year-old salesman becomes first Parsley Box customer shareholder

90-year-old salesman becomes first Parsley Box customer shareholder

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Retired salesman Jim Mills, aged 90 from Marlow, has been rewarded with shares in Parsley Box after arranging ready meal orders for his neighbours unable to go food shopping throughout the pandemic. The gift of 300 shares in the company saw him become the first Parsley Box customer shareholder.

Parsley Box floated on London’s junior stock market AIM in March under the ticker MEAL.

Jim deserves to be recognised for the work that he has done for his community

Parsley Box Chief Executive, Kevin Dorren
Photo of man holding large shareholder certificate

CEO Kevin Dorren, who personally gifted Jim the shares, said: “ We love taking calls from Jim, who has become a regular, placing orders for his neighbours to ensure they’re never low on meals. 

It’s people like Jim who make kindness the norm and he deserves to be recognised for the work that he has done for his community”.

Watch our video interview with Jim, below.

Finding purpose in helping others

Jim’s daughter, Linda Raddon said: “my Mum died in September having been nursed by my Dad for many years. It is not an understatement to say that organising the Parsley Box order for his neighbours has been his lifeline.

Looking after those around him has given him a purpose and a reason to keep going.”

balck and white photo of people in a mobile grocery shop

Having been a food salesman all his life, helping his neighbours place their orders came naturally to Jim, pictured here (far right) working in a mobile grocery shop at age 17.

Front page fame for Jim

The story of Jim’s act of kindness, looking out for his neighbours during the pandemic was picked up by the media. 

Jim was interviewed by BBC Three Counties radio and also made the front page of his local newspaper, the Marlow Free Press.

Jim walked around to his local garage to purchase a copy of the newspaper, pointing out his front page fame to the suitably impressed cashier.

To celebrate the loosening of socialising restrictions in England, Jim recently organised a community afternoon tea with his neighbours in the sunshine.

Couldn’t we all use a neighbour like Jim!

As well as the gift of the shares, Parsley Box staff also made a special birthday video for Jim. 

You can watch it here.

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