Down to Earthy

Making more of waste

Turning food into compost

Food waste is a major problem for the UK and the planet as it not only costs in financial terms – but also in terms of how that waste affects the planet.

The vast majority of food waste in the UK is unfortunately not collected by councils or composted but sent to landfill where it generates lots of CO2 and 25 times more of the even more potent greenhouse gas, methane.

Food to compost in four hours

However, there are some solutions starting to appear – including a new machine called the Earthy Enrich which turns household food into an odourless compost, known as Erth, in as little as four hours.

Given that every day we throw away more than 20 million slices of bread and 4.4 million potatoes as part of the 7m tonnes of food waste sent to landfill each year, this has to be good news – particularly for gardeners who can turn their own unwanted food into valuable growing material.

A customer who has used the smart composter, Anneli Tobiasson, said the Earthy was a great way for her to use food waste for her own benefit.

‘We use the product it makes in our garden and allotment and it feels good to close the cycle on the food waste and not just send it to the council’s collection, as we do not know what it gets used for. We use it 1-2 times a week and typically put it on overnight. It produces a great product in 4-4.5 hours and according to our smart meter, it does not seem to use much more energy than a laptop for example.’

Anneli Tobiasson, Earthy customer

Organic waste

Enrich speeds up the breakdown of organic waste into tiny fragments – in a similar way to how earthworms break down and mix plant tissue into soil in a traditional compost heap, except Earthy Enrich does it without the smell and mess, thanks to an integrated filter system.

Another customer, Karen Clark, said they used their Earthy for 12 weeks and, in that time, filled a 20-litre contained with the resulting ‘Erth’ to add to compost for their garden.

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