Don’t sit on the fence: Our guide to which colour will work best for your garden

Don't sit on the fence

Our guide to which colour will work best for your garden

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Ever agonised over what colour to paint your garden fence?

According to Alan Williams, Creative Director of Form Plants and designer of The Parsley Box Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021, a coloured fence can completely transform your outdoor space.

And it can also be a great way to refresh and revamp your garden for minimal money and effort.

Alan believes when it comes to colour decisions – it’s all about what space you are working with.

“Darker colours pull towards you to create a feeling of enclosure or act as a fantastic foil for plants – think Farrow & Ball’s hue Railings’ against zesty limes and yellows of Euphorbia ceratocarpa, the blousy beauty of dahlias or the transparent elegance of grasses such as Stipa gigantea.”

Alan Williams, Garden Designer

However Alan is also in favour of light, softer shades, especially in a smaller, urban garden where a dark colour might prove too overwhelming.

A lighter colour for a fence can create the illusion of space and serve to open up the garden.

“Recessive colours fade into the background – think lavender, pale pink or light blue or grey – take on the properties of the surrounding colours and so can appear further away. Using these colours on boundaries can enhance the feeling of space and so are a good idea for courtyard gardens.”

Alan Williams, Garden Designer

So there you have it – tips from the pros!

Click below to find out more about Alan’s plans for The Parsley Box Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.