Christmas tree alternatives: Festive fun without the fuss

Christmas tree alternatives

Festive fun without the fuss

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Whilst we can all appreciate the cosiness of a full size, immaculately adorned Christmas tree, the fact remains that putting up the tree is often a whole lot of effort.

You have to dig out the ladder, climb up to the loft, haul out the tree, the lights, the decorations, get the tree standing (without too much of a jaunty lean), untangle the lights, decorate the tree – it can be an overwhelming task. Particularly if you are at a stage in life where your children are grown or there won’t be many people around this holiday season to appreciate the fruits of your labour.

You may be thinking – there’s got to be an easier alternative. Something that will still provide joyful Christmas charm and a space to heap the presents around, but won’t take hours in the set up. Or perhaps you are just wanting a change from the traditional this year and are keen to give a new look tree a try?

Whatever your motivation, we have put together a collection of our favourite festive Christmas tree alternatives.

1. Stacked book tree

Popular with libraries and book stores the world over – the stacked book Christmas tree is a classic.

You will need quite the personal library to pull off a full-size tree but the overall effect can also be achieved in table-top size.

This tree can also be quite the conversation starter at social events as guests can discuss the various literature on display.

To construct:

Arrange books of similar width into a vaguely conical shape and decorate with lights, ornaments and a star on top to pull off the classic stacked book Christmas tree.

christmas tree alternatives

2. Twig wall hanging

This rustic Christmas tree alternative seems to have become increasingly popular over recent years. It is particularly effective for those without much space as well as the environmentally conscious who would prefer natural wood over a plastic tree.

As it is relatively light, the tree can likely be hung from a no-damage removable hook and used year after year.

Hanging the tree on the wall in this manner may also be helpful for any family with young children or rambunctious pets who may be inclined to topple a free-standing tree.

To construct:

Forage for twigs or purchase wooden slats of varying lengths that will arrange into a triangular shape. Join each twig or slat with a length of rope, aiming for equal spacing.

Adorn with anything from lights, photographs, two-dimensional decorations, ornaments, dried fruit, flowers and berries and add a star or angel on the top to complete the effect.

3. Wall decal sticker

Another popular choice for families with young children, pets or limited space are Christmas tree wall decals (removable wall stickers).

These can be applied to walls or windows and are fully removable and reusable year upon year. They are available in a myriad of different designs ranging from minimalist to complete tree, as well as plain green which can then be added to with two or three-dimensional decorations, stickers and photographs.

4. Triangular frame tree

A popular minimalist yet modern take on an alternative Christmas tree is the triangular frame tree.

Two-dimensional and easy to erect and store, the frame tree can be re-decorated year after year with a different colour theme to keep it feeling fresh and new.

Ordinarily made from metal or wood, these frames can be purchased or if you are feeling creative, why not make your own at home.

To construct:

Build or buy a triangular frame of desired height with string, lights or rungs hung through the centre.

Attach decorations to the centre rungs to create a minimalist yet festive look.

Adorn with lights, star and Christmassy tree skirt for that extra yuletide spirit.

5. Wooden Christmas tree

A wooden tree is a trend that has become more popular in recent years with many people opting to build their own out of discarded shipping pallets or other scrap lumber for a rustic, environmentally-friendly approach.

As these examples show, your wooden tree can be as simple or complicated as you like. It can also be painted and adorned with lights and decorations or pared back for a more natural, minimalist look.

A wonderful alternative to a plastic tree, a wooden Christmas tree can be used year after year and easily recycled or given a new life when no longer required.

Three-dimensional wooden trees can often be made to fold flat for ease of storage throughout the year.

Do you have a Christmas tree alternative that you like to use in your home?

We would love to add it to our list.