Baking with children: Traditional Christmas fun for your loved ones

Baking with children

Traditional Christmas fun for your loved ones

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Do you remember baking with your grandparents? Sitting on the countertop licking the spoon surrounded by delicious smells?

Christmas is a wonderful time to tap into that sense of nostalgia and explore baking with young children. There are many wonderful Christmas baking traditions to draw on – or why not start a new one of your own?

Baking provides many benefits and skills for a young child as well as teaching them to be creative and have fun with food.

You may even be passing on a life-long tradition that they will continue with their own children one day. Below are some examples of easy baking ideas to enjoy with your little ones this festive season.

baking with children

Gingerbread house

The tradition of creating a gingerbread house at Christmas-time is thought to have originated in Germany around the 1800s before spreading throughout the world. Gingerbread is a sturdy, easy-to-make biscuit, lending itself well to culinary construction.

Simple royal icing should be used in the joining and decorating while the more elaborate the decoration, the better.

Allow your loved ones to express their creativity with different colours of icing, sprinkles, chocolates, sweets, marshmallows, candy canes and all manner of delicious decorative elements.

Cheat’s version: you can buy pre-packed kits with all you need from most supermarkets.

Christmas pudding

Creating the all important Christmas pudding mixture is a tradition passed down through the ages.

There are many ingredients that need to be chopped and added, stirring to be done, tying, wrapping and most importantly – waiting. Traditional Christmas pudding mixture can be made anywhere from 5 weeks to 2 months prior to Christmas and left to mature in flavour.

A nostalgic tradition from your own childhood to pass onto your little ones, their eyes are sure to light up when they see the long-awaited pudding burst into flame on Christmas day.

Christmas biscuits

Why not host a Christmas biscuit decorating day with your extended family and friends?

An exciting event for children, they can help make the biscuits (using a simple sugar cookie recipe) and have fun cutting them into any number of Christmassy shapes – think hearts, trees, stars, candy canes, baubles…

Whip up multiple bowls of coloured icing and provide piping bags, sprinkles, chocolate buttons, sweets and any other delicious decorations of your choice.

Creative mess ensues – as well as bragging rights over the best decorated biscuits. At the end of the day your guests can take their remaining biscuits home to share with neighbours and school friends.

Christmas tree brownies

A fun and easy bake to try out together is Christmas tree brownies. Simply bake a sheet pan of brownies, cut them into triangles and decorate with green icing, sprinkles and perhaps a yellow M & M or smartie to represent a star.

Brownies are relatively simple to make, but delicious to eat (and the mix is also sold in packet form if you don’t fancy making them from scratch).

Check out this short video from Jamie Oliver giving you the ultimate chocolate brownie recipe.

Do you enjoy baking with your children or grandchildren? Or maybe this has inspired you to start?

We would love to see photos of your baking creations and hear of any recipes you recommend.