Are you a Parsley Box Personality?

Still rocking it over 60?

Are you a Parsley Box Personality?

Parsley Box is about smashing the stereotypes of the older generations –mature folk who are refusing to give in to a life of daytime TV and blankets over the knee.


Despite the media’s constant depiction of people over 60 taking life easy, we know this is a misrepresentation and the country is full of adventurers and late-starters.

Clint Eastwood celebrated his 91st birthday at the beginning of this year and when asked what keeps him going and still interested in films he said: ‘I don’t let the old man in!’

If you have a similar philosophy or know someone who is then we want to hear from you!

Clint Eastwood is 91 and shows no signs of slowing down

Astounding friends and family

We are looking for stories from customers who are living it up over 60 – astounding their families and friends with their energy, enthusiasm and drive for the things that interest them in later life.

You don’t have to be running marathons or riding motorbikes (although if you do please let us know!) but just refusing to comform to the traditional idea that older age makes us all give up on our dreams.

Famous late-starters

Here’s a few famous people who didn’t start the journey we know them for until well into their later lives – with great success.

  • J.R.R. Tolkien published the first volume of his fantasy series, ‘Lord of the Rings’ aged 62.
  • At 71, Katsusuke Yanagisawa, a retired Japanese schoolteacher, became the oldest person to climb Mt. Everest.
  • Cancer survivor Barbara Hillary became one of the oldest people, and the first black woman, to reach the North Pole. Age: 75
  • When he was 77, John Glenn became the oldest person to go into space.
  • At 83, famed baby doctor Benjamin Spock championed for world peace.
  • W. Somerset Maugham wrote ‘Points of View’ when he was 84.
  • The oldest person to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature so far is Theodor Mommsen, at the age of 85.
  • At 88, Michelangelo created the architectural plans for the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.
  • Marc Chagall became the first living artist to be exhibited at the Louvre museum when he was 90.
  • P.G. Wodehouse was still working on his 97th novel at the age of 93.
  • At 100, Frank Schearer seems to be the oldest active water skier in the world.

Tell us your story

Let us know what you – or someone you know – gets up to in your later life. Those features in our magazine will receive a certificate and hamper to celebrate being a Parsley Box Personality.