A daughter’s note: With thanks

A daughter's note

With thanks

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Parsley Box meals are enjoyed by a host of fascinating individuals who have led experience-rich lives and have poignant and moving stories to tell. We launched the Parsley Box Magazine to showcase true-life stories, so that others can enjoy and learn from them.

Our customer Janet, got in touch with us to tell us how important our meals have been in getting her mum Pat back on her feet after a long illness.

My mum is Patricia, known as Pat to us all. She is 79 years old and is looking forward to celebrating her 80th birthday in March with her four daughters, 12 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren & several step-grandchildren.

Mum was very ill last year and spent a number of weeks in hospital recovering. When she came home she had completely lost her appetite and we knew she needed to eat well in order to get better.

I showed her the Parsley Box menu and asked her to choose some meals to try. The important thing for us was that the meals were well-balanced and nutritious as we needed to build her up again after her long stay in the hospital.

Mum found Parsley Box meals very tasty and the portion sizes were really good for her.  We always order the store-in-the-cupboard meals so that she doesn’t feel the pressure of having to watch ‘best before’ dates.

It’s made us all so happy to see mum eating again and steadily gaining weight.

Pat  - Parsley Box stories

Pat’s story and image shared with permission.

It has been our absolute pleasure to hear how our meals have helped Janet’s mum, Pat.

If you have a story to share and would like to be featured in our magazine, please get in touch.