7 secret caravanning tips: The best way to enjoy your getaway

7 secret caravanning tips

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Are you a fan of a caravan?

The warmer weather is finally within reach and lockdown restrictions are easing – it’s the perfect opportunity to spread our wings and reignite our sense of adventure.

We have put together a handy list of our top seven caravan tips for you to use on your travels.

Caravans in a row

1. Yesterday’s news

If you are caravanning in the UK chances are you may encounter a spot of rain along the way. But why should rain stop you from getting out there to enjoy a hike and an explore?

Our top tip is to bring along an old newspaper or pick one up on the road.

Stuff newspaper inside your damp shoes and leave them overnight to absorb the excess moisture. You’ll be ready to hike again the very next day.

2. Block out the dawn chorus

Attach some tubular pipe lagging (available from all DIY stores) to the bottom of your blinds.

This is will eliminate all outdoor light, stopping excited grandchildren from waking at sunrise.

3. Space saving is key

When it comes to caravanning – it’s all about space.

A good way to save on precious space is to buy collapsible items. Cups, bowls, saucepans, colanders, buckets, water carriers, tables, chairs – even kettles. Pretty much everything can be collapsible nowadays and this can save a tonne of room in your caravan.

4. Get a grip

If travelling with children, to the beach, or anywhere were there may be wet feet coming inside, it’s a good idea to apply some grip tape to the caravan’s steps and ladders.

You don’t want a slip or a fall to interrupt your relaxing holiday.

Grip tape can be purchased pretty cheaply from online retailers and DIY stores.

5. What’s for dinner?

If you are going anywhere off the beaten track, then some forward planning regarding food will be required.

We have heard from our customers that our Parsley Box meals are perfect for a caravan holiday.

They can be stored in the cupboard so won’t take up any precious fridge or freezer space and can be heated through in the microwave in minutes.

Caravan with an awning

6. Mobile disco

Portable speakers are a great investment.

With them, you’ll always have your favourite music, whether you’re in your caravan, around the campfire, or at the beach.

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7. Sharing is caring

Caravanners are a friendly bunch and there is nothing they love more than talking shop.

Our final tip is to never be afraid to ask others for advice. Often times the best way to learn some new tricks and pointers is simply to ask those around you.

Get to know their favoruite brands, their recommendations, and join in on the welcoming community of caravanning wisdom.

What do you think of our seven tips?

Do you have any tried and tested caravanning tips of your own? We’d love to hear them.