Effortless style: 5 staple items for every man’s wardrobe

Effortless style

5 staple items for every man's wardrobe

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When it comes to the ultimate men’s wardrobe, a few staple items that can ‘go with everything’ are key in being able to build a variety of looks.

Here are our picks for the top five clothing staples every man should have in their wardrobe.

1. The Oxford shirt

There are few articles of clothing as versatile for men as a good button down shirt.

They can go under suit jackets, under vests, be worn with or without a tie, paired with jeans, untucked over a pair of shorts, worn open over a T-shirt; dressed up or dressed down this wardrobe staple provides a multitude of style options.

Trim and Tailored

The Oxford shirt differs from regular button down shirts by being made from sturdy, thickly woven Oxford cloth (hence the name) as well as the inclusion of buttons on the collar. This allows the collar to be kept in place against the shirt when it is unbuttoned, no more disappearing collar beneath a suit jacket!

We recommend acquiring a few different Oxford shirts in neutral colours (blue, white, black) able to be effortlessly paired with shorts, trousers, jeans and suits for a classic and enduring style.

2. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots truly are the ultimate staple boot. No laces, these boots are elasticated at the sides so can be slipped on and off with ease.

As with the Oxford shirt, Chelsea boots are able to be dressed up and dressed down. They can be paired with jeans for a more rugged, casual look or polished up and worn with a suit for a sharp and sophisticated style.

Chuck on your Chelseas 

When shopping for Chelsea boots, as with most things in life – it pays to go a little more high-quality. Well-made Chelsea boots are incredibly durable and if well taken care of can last a man a lifetime.

3. Levi’s 501 Jeans 

man's wardrobe staples

Don’t forget about the classics

So many looks can be built around a good pair of jeans. And when it comes to jeans there’s no better pair than the original and classic Levi’s 501s, still as popular today as they were when first made in 1872.

Famously paired with just a tight white t-shirt by timeless style icon James Dean, Levi’s 501s are thought of as the quintessential American blue jean. A little bit Wild West, a little bit true grit, never out of fashion and with buckets of style.

Blue jeans are possibly one of the most versatile items of clothing.

Pair them with a checked flannel shirt and boots for a laid-back rustic look or Oxford shirt and blazer for ultimate business casual. As with Chelsea boots, Levi’s 501s are sturdy and built to last.

A pair of these iconic jeans will continue to serve you well season after season.

4. The Chore coat

Now if you are anything like us, you wouldn’t have known that this popular style of coat was called a Chore coat until about a second go.

It gets it name because it is the original workman’s coat – literally a coat meant to do chores in. Think mechanics, farmers, labourers, even railroad workers – the Chore coat was the definitive uniform of the utilitarian working class of days long past.

Timeless is trendy

Made from sturdy material, normally a stiff, wax coated canvas, the Chore coat is recognisable for its vertical patch pockets (for workers to store their tools and roughly dented tin of tobacco), button or metal popper fastenings and oft-featured contrast corduroy collar.

With the style having existed since the 19th century, a good Chore coat is a definite wardrobe staple, with men able to bring it out and dust it off each winter, confident that it remains classic and fashionable.

5. Sunglasses

One of the most overlooked staple items in a man’s wardrobe is a trusty pair of sunglasses. You never want to be without them on those all-too-rare days of wonderful British sunshine, or even in the autumn and winter time where the low-sitting sun can hit you right in the eyes.

All about accessorizing

A great pair of sunglasses can do wonders for their wearer, framing the face whilst adding an enigmatic air of mystery and all-around coolness. 

To emulate style icon James Dean or achieve that Top Gun likeness, opt for a pair of classic frames that have never gone out of style like aviators or Ray-Ban wayfarers.

For a timeless pair that will complement every ensemble, lean towards black or tortoise shell frames with black or brown lenses. Classic perfection.

Well there you have it, our top five picks for men’s wardrobe staples.

What do you think of our choices?

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